Saturday, March 14, 2020

October sky essays

October sky essays October sky is 108 minutes long. The main character in this movie is Homer Hickam and his parents John and Elsie. His friends Quentin, Roy Lee, and ODell and his teacher miss Riley also serve a major roll in this movie as for they are his moral and support that keep him with his goals. The movie takes place in a small mining town in West Virginia. Four boys design and build a rocket that they enter into the county science fair. They then will a spot in the national science fair and Homer is appointed by the group to represent them in Indianapolis. They win first place and all four of them receive scholarships and later graduate from college. Homer decides he does not want to work in the coal mine like everyone else. He wants to go to college and get out of this mining town. His opportunity arrives when a teaches informs them that they could win a scholarship by winning the national science fair. Homer and his friends work hard so that they will be good competition at the fair. Him and his three friends work hard so they are able to reach their goals. Homer had the highest standards. He wanted to get out of that mining town so bad he actually defies his dad by building another rocket. He had to make many tough decisions, but he had a passion for what he wanted. He was only able to get what he wanted because his standards were so much higher than anyone elses in the town. The four of the boys are faced with a conflict when they are accused of starting a forest fire. In stead of becoming angry and making the situation worse, they find a solution. Homer, using the book Miss Riley gave to him, finds a calculus equation that shows that their rocket could only have traveled at the farthest a mile and a half. The fire was started over three miles away and it was later discovered that it was caused by a flare. They are the able to start building their rockets again. From this video I have learne...

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